Fun with friends

These two words can’t be apart from each other. Always comes together and we know very well friends make our life beautiful without them there is no fun only loneliness.friends are whom with them we feel comfortable and we can easily share our thoughts and feelings.there is no need to think twice to say anything.they make memories.doesn’t matter that we are young or old.In every age they spend a great time together.they make fun and do a lot of stupid things.Difficult time is best to know your real friends,they will be always there when you need them.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you ~

                                        Elbert hubbard.

One of the best thing of friends is that In front of them you can be real the person you are and still they will love you for it.there is a unique relation among friends.they knows all about us when we are happy they make us more happier and when we feel sad they divide our sorrow. They are the real gems of our life.they count on us.they give a good company to us and make our life’s every moment memorable.

The most special side of friends which I like the most they can make us laugh during those moments when we feel like we can’t even laugh. 

Some words that are really made for friends….

Life is just like sea,
We are moving without end.

Nothing stays with us,

What remains is, Just the memories

Of some people who touched us as waves.

Like friends 🙂

Without some special idiot friends life is nothing.

Thanks to all my lovely idiot friends to be with me always


18 thoughts on “Fun with friends”

  1. Touching. Lovely tribute. Almost a burial place where one finds it safe to bury upcoming heartaches yet be able to return there later when the pain catches up, with the intent of burying more upcoming heartaches ere they come. A shrine of mystery.
    Sorry, these things happen, just a mood. Creative? Dunno
    As I said affecting, very affecting, thank you for this post.

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          1. There is a saying, and I trust that you understand that I don’t use here in a derogatory manner; “Misery loves company”. In essence in this case how it sort of applies is that young people can equal a group upon which society leaves its impress. In an attempt to make something good out of them discredits them so much that in the end it is the “lacking”, the coming short of expectations which they carry within, and so this commonality can cause them to group, join ranks and apply the medicine of friendship, joshing and comforting. And of course with this glue when in a time of romantic heartbreak, yet again they supply solace. An affection is kindled within the heart, that tells one; “My friends”, I have my friends……

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