Log into reality 

After reading The Title…youll have got what I want to say…

Yeah! You all are right! I’m just going to take a little trip with all of you of reality…

In these days we are too busy with our social life..we don’t have time to do anything else rather than surfing on networking sites. There are a lot of things we use to do on networking sites. In these things gaming,shopping and interacting with unknown people are pretty popular,especially among those people who are active on social sites.this is not a problem…

The problem begins when your all these things start affect your real life such as taking your time,money even your identity..some time these is our need but not for all time..

Be careful guys!! look at other side where we can do all these things shopping, gaming with more fun in real world. Where you actually live,breath,jump,eat,play,laugh,feel and talk etc.

Reality includes everything that has existed, exists and will exist..

In real world there is everything real…real friends,real love and real people with whom we can hangout, we can share our feelings and spend quality time…with whom we can learn how to live in a right way.

Have something to say

We can’t upload luck,

We can’t download time,

Google can’t give all the answers,

So just Log into the reality

And Like the status of your £ife 🙂

Thanks to read..

Share your thoughts with me 🙂

Too much excited to know what do you think…


64 thoughts on “Log into reality ”

  1. There is so much this world offers, but there is a lot which it does not offer. Keeping in touch with God is something which can be very rewarding…beyond the mere senses which this world has to offer. If we build on that relationship, it will pay off very well for us. Just a thought!



  2. Reality can also be thought of as language, words for objects, ideas, emotions and all human contact. Each language carries its own, its unique view of the world, its own reality. We use the words, turn them around in all different ways good and not. We are the perceivers, so the ultimate reality is the individual mind.

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