Something for my lvy..:)

As I said to all of you, I’ll come soon without getting late….

$0 here I’m with my one of the most favorite songs 

  • Song    : dekha hazaro daffa aapko 
  • Singer  : Arijit Singh & Palak Muchhal
  • Lyrics   : Manoj Muntashir
  • Movie   : Rustom(2016) 
  • My thoughts : this is a love song and beautifully sung by Arijit & palak..The melody of song is awesome..Lyrics are too good..each word is wonderful and have it’s own meaning.

This song is very special to takes me in other world as if it has been written only for me….whenever I listen this song, I lost my feels like each word is telling whatever I want to say to my lvy..:) $0 this song is for my lvy..:)

I’m just going to write this song in English version with some beautiful images….Hope you will enjoy it

    I have seen you a thousand times still why is there so restlessness in me? Even though I try, my heart doesn’t stabilized, there is something in you that causes this….

    Now my breath asks for your permission to inhale or exhale I search but am unable to find myself only you are there…

    I don’t bear a moment’s separation from you This restlessness is something else, we are close even though we are away this closeness is something else…

    Where else can I find the peace that I get in your embrace? I like your eyes where else do I go from here?

    So here is my song read it ..sing it & enjoy it don’t forget to tell me how’s it!? And your favorite songs..i ll love to listen some new lovely songs…



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