Another reason to smile..:)

  1. Hello friends!

    I’m so happy and the reason behind all this happiness is that I have been nominated for The versatile blogger award by the lovely lady atrangizindagieksafar. Take a visit to her blog it’s nice…


    • Thank the person who nominated you
    • Share the award on your blog
    • Share seven random facts about yourself
    • Nominate 10 fellow bloggers

    Seven random facts about me…:)

    1. My name is radhika & my friends call me riddhi…I just love my name love you guys for a lovely name…
    2. I wanna do skydiving $0 I wanna be a witch,not for doing anyone’s bad just for flying in the sky like a bird. 
    3. New dope about me is that I’m in love with someone & that someone’s name is lvy as lovely as himself.I’m mad-keen of my lvy.
    4. I love to do anything adventurous.
    5. I’m papa’s princess,mum’s fairy , My lvy’s Queen..:) & for me I’m a fun loving girl who knows how to enjoy…
    6. I hate narrow-minded people, I have only two words for them – Stay away.
    7. I just love to spend time with my lvy & listening song’s is also my favorite thing to do.

          I have completed my task now it’s your turn my nominees…Ahahaahaa

          1. awesomengers
          2. palhao
          3. Harsh
          4. Enigma
          5. david
          6. mayank
          7. paintdigi
          8. raheemjan
          9.  arts of heart
          10. happy

            Eagerly waiting to know your interesting facts..dont forget to tag me..:)


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