3 quotes,3 days challange – Day 1st

Glad to be a part of this challenge. Thanks to mahi, visit her blog once it’s really zara hatke..:)

Here is My quote for day – first

“Believe In yourself”

Don’t know whom did say it but when I think about  to do something that one quote comes first in my mind & for me it really works very well. 

It says that yes, you can..you can do anything,just once believe in yourself & take a step forward ….if not you, then who?!!

$0 don’t forget that you & yourself are awesome. I completely believe in these 3 words..ahahahaa….yes! Me & myself are awesome…:)

” don’t underestimate the power of  I, Me & Myself”

So now it’s time for my nominees…Believe in yourself & accept this challenge…:) & the nominees are

  1. Rhapsody
  2. namitha
  3. Sumit

Rule book-

  • Thank to your nominator link back their blog
  • Write 3 quotes,3 days
  • Nominate 3 fellow bloggers each day

Guys don’t forget to tag me,Eagerly waiting to read some new & interesting quotes..:)


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